1. Open internet explorer only and go to https://remote.yourdomain/Remote
  2. This will bring you to a log on page, before entering log in details click on tools>select compatibility settings and click on 'add' and then 'close'
  3. Then enter username and password
  4. On the next page under 'computers' click on 'connect' below 'server'
  5. Enable any add on's if asked to do so.
  6. A small dialogue box should appear called 'remote desktop connection'
  7. Put a tick in the box beside 'dont ask me again for remote connections from this publisher' and click connect
  8. A small log on box should appear with the username, enter your password and click 'ok'
  9. Another 'remote desktop connection' box will appear, put a tick in the box beside 'dont ask me again for connections to this computer' and click 'yes'
  10. This should log you onto the server where you can then log into sage.
  11. Point your mouse at the top of your screen to minimize or close the remote session.

After you have successfully logged on as above you will only need to repeat steps 1,3,4 and 8 to log on in the future.