CLICK on Settings on you iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini)


CLICK Mail, Contacts, Calendars


CLICK Add New Account


CLICK on Google (this is the kind of Account we’re adding)

Click on Google


Enter Google Account Info (make sure you’ve already logged in to Google Apps Gmail from a web browser at least once before completing the step below).

Enter in your account info in the order shown on the purple numbers in the illustration below 1) Your full name the way you want it to appear on email 2) your primary sign-on email address on Google 3) your google password 4) the description for this account that you would like to see on your iPhone or iPad [any desc you want] and finally 5) click on Next.


If you entered your google email address and password correctly a check mark will appear on the confirmation screen (shown on next illustration):

A confirmation screen (shown below) will appear briefly with blue check marks (provided you entered your email and password correctly).


if you have not entered the correct information you will receive an error message. Please try to enter your email address and password again.